The A8Js has a variety of ports. I had read on the forums of NotebookReview. Since the A8Js has so much power in such a small package, I worried that a tradeoff for all that power would be large amounts of noise and heat making using it on my lap a risky affair. Asus has found the niche between thin and light and desktop replacement and I applaud the A8Js for fitting my needs so perfectly. Battery life ranges from around 2 hours 15 minutes at full brightness and while downloading large files over wireless.

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The A8Js is blessedly silent with only some hard drive access noises which I find sort of reassuring anyway. As mentioned before, Bluetooth is NOT included although there is an infrared port. The Asus A8Js can best be classified as a thin-and-light notebook, although its strong graphics capabilities make it a standout in this category.

Asus A8Js Review (pics, specs)

I bought this laptop because my old laptop, a Compaq Presario Pentium 4 2. First, the resolution really sets it apart. Not too shabby, I thought it would be worse so I was pleasantly surprised.

In my opinion, the benefits to cost ratio is very high for this laptop.

It feels almost metal-like and there is certainly no flex in the area surrounding the keyboard. With battery saving mode on, that number changes to around 2 hours 40 minutes.

I tried gaming for a while but all I got out of the A8Js was a low whir — definitely nothing that would turn heads in a fairly quiet lecture hall. Asus has found the niche between assus and light and desktop replacement and I applaud aus A8Js for fitting my needs so perfectly. Asus A8Js back view and lid view large image.


This bonus from the MilestonePC Group Buy program was a nice perk especially since I was in need of a wireless router. Everything is snappy and responsive with this laptop, especially in the area of gaming.

AMD has a ways to go before it can even approach the combination of performance and power savings. Of course my reference point w8j my work computer and my Compaq laptop, but still, the processor is truly a work of advanced science by Intel.

There are no screen ripples when you push from behind the screen or from the side.

The black keyboard contrasts nicely with the silver case and the Asus logo on the lid of the laptop is understated but still impressive. I also installed Warcraft III and there were no problems with that either.

For most people who already have a wireless router, this will be a novelty item because of its size but not necessarily something that will be particularly useful. I think the benefit derived from this purchase would have outweighed the cost even if I had paid full price.

ASUS A8J Drivers

Asus A8Js right side view view large image. Skype comes pre-installed as does Norton Antivirus but the majority of the other programs are Asus utilities which actually are pretty useful. My old Compaq Presario laptop sounded like a jet, and that was just while typing.

The A8Js feels extremely sturdy and the difference when compared with my Compaq is like the difference between an S-Class Mercedes Benz and a Daewoo although I read that Daewoo is making a turnaround — albeit not in the United States.


Specifically, when I had ass video chat session going with my girlfriend and a browser running at the same time the computer would slow to a crawl and almost beg to be a8jj out of its misery.

ASUS A8J Graphics Driver – – Win Vista, Win XP

The strong performance coupled with the beautiful screen really enhanced the gaming experience. The Sony SZ seemed underpowered in terms of graphics capabilities compared to the other candidates and the W3J seemed too expensive and lacked a webcam. Now heat and noise, or lack thereof, are pretty important to me.

Asus A8Js left side view view large image. The A8Js comes with Windows XP Professional and Asus is a part of the Vista Express Upgrade program so if you buy it during the promotional period, you should have a free or at least subsidized upgrade to the new Windows Vista. The Asus WLg is truly a pocket-sized router.

ASUS A8J Graphics Driver

I was very happy with their level of communication and prompt responses. This laptop is exactly what I was looking for and it should last me on through law school. Personally, I abhor smaller mice and this fits into that category. With 5 USB 2. I had read on the forums of NotebookReview.