T61p Work in progress: Welcome to the Forum. I just had to edit the. Last edited by OnionLand on Sat Mar 18, It was also not intended to run on win7 or even further than that, but I don’t see that dissuading people from doing so.

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I do actually have an old laptop, as well as a pII one, both passive matrix though sadly.

This has enabled me to use true color options as well as to finally resize my screen. If anyone would like to join me in my attempts to implement this that would be great.

The reverse also holds true.

Again not being able to install the catalyst suite is a drawback, meaning that we either need to force this suite on to the installation, or find an alternate program to manage the graphics winn98. I got the driver files from this pack – http: Who is online Users browsing this forum: Example of successfully installing the video drivers mentioned: Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh. Mobilitu issue I came across however was that i was unable to install the video drivers which were provided here: No registered users and 9 guests.

Which means that to some approach to circumvent this would need to be taken. Although x61s with L is pretty old machine, but it is very classic one, recently I were trying to do some search on the L Radon overclock I have tried for quite some time to install proper video drivers for the laptops, even going so far as to attempt somewhat newer versions of the catalyst suite, using unofficial updates, and win98toME, but with no success.


Installing windows 98 video driver on t43 with ati video card – Thinkpads Forum

Whilst certainly true that it is not designed to run on win98 I don’t see that as a reason to not use it as such if possible. Been there and done winn98. I went into this fully aware that I may not be able to run features such as wireless or etcetera.

As a sidenote installing video drivers on both these laptops works well on windowsand the video devices are detected on ubuntu, so there is nothing wrong with the video cards. Welcome to the Forum.

If I then again remove the devices without restarting the screen turn black as would be expected without a video device. As for ram I will likely only be using the 1gb stick that came with the t43p unit, as the the mb imposed limit is fixed with the unofficial patch. If someone would be able to provide me with a way to successfully install video drivers for this laptop on win 98 I would be eternally grateful.

Installing windows 98 video driver on t43 with ati video card T4x series specific matters only. Using Windows 7 key on Windows 10 and still using Windows 7?

ATi Radeon Catalyst Win98|ME

It was also not intended to run on win7 or even further than that, but I don’t see that dissuading people from doing so. I am also fairly certain I can get some other features such as special keys by using second party utilities such as I already have with usb support. From this state the drivers also do not detect my video card. I have heard successful stories about using t42 drivers on the t My raddeon priority is to make video and sound work to a certain degree.


I have a Windows 7 key on the bottom of my ThinkPad T One downside is that even with the modified inf the catalyst installer will still not recognize the device, meaning that it will not install the catalyst suite, meaning that I am unable to change any options.

The purpose is really to max out the old operating system in laptop form, an excercise which, given the recent popularity of older hardware I’ve found to be surprisingly rare, though there are of course other factors of the thinkpads which made me chose the wjn98 specifically. Now to install the catalyst suite still remains the big issue, but hey, progress.

ATI Catalyst Radeon Display Driver 3.5 (Windows 98/ME)

I fully know that using win98 will impose a fair amount of limits. To get them, click on the Drivers link at the top of this page. X60T PMs requesting personal tech support will be ignored.