I used these Vogons drivers. Having done that, it goes back to Basic configuration on the next boot, but the DMA setting sticks and is no longer locked? The UIDE incompatibility is completely gone. Will see if I can find a way to read it. You need the program sbiload, which is included in alsa-tools. Discrete sound cards based on these chips are not as common as Sound Blasters and OPTi-based cards but they are gettable. Channels are not reversed for FM music from Midier or Linux aplaymidi, or for wav music from Linux aplay.

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Cleaning those cruddy contacts didn’t help. The channels are not backwards when tested with speaker-test -b -c 2. I got tired of their installation process and now have a merged Sound Blaster drivers collection in C: This is using the “ALSplus” drivers found on vogonsdrivers. Such a treatment is appropriate for garbage-grade AC’97, but if a sound card with a real It’s not great, however. Out of the box, all audio sources are resampled to a fixed rate and mixed in software. An alternative is MIDIer version 2.


I did find this: It has its own configure script and can be built separately:. It is a working clone technically, but because of the mismatched instruments I find it unacceptable. The defaults that I got had the volume set to zero, bass and treble set to weird. Thank you very much!

VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

Last edited by gerwin on In DOOM, the volume fluctuates strangely as if the music were interfering with itself. It’s also very quiet, requiring extreme mixer settings for balance.

The synth channels are reversed just as they are in DOS. Having done that, the mixer was totally broken. So I guess we can conclude that all cards with an ALS chip are flawed in this regard.

Any hopes, any experiences with this?

Vintage ISA Audio Sound Card Avance Logic Als100 6905501 637h Taiwan Tested

I don’t know what changed, but UIDE is now incompatible with sound cards more often than not. Sound cards that use two DMAs for full-duplex operation recording and playing at the same time will usually fall back to half-duplex mode if the two DMAs are set to the same value.


With a daughterboard installed, MIDI is played by sending it to port I think it must need Windows 95 or DOS 6. I only attempted W98SE on the non-working configuration, so I did not complete a successful test. The MPU is as yet untested. Nothing is ever simple anymore.

This clone stands out by claiming compatibility with the Sound Blaster 16 instead of merely Sound Blaster Pro 2. Last one from the as-is lot!

Just running sbiload with no options should initialize the sound correctly. Stupid workaround is stupid:. I have the LS there, with a small companion chip. ZIP package don’t work any better than the later versions did. Often it will get wedged and cause driver failures after a warm reboot. Will see if I can find a way alw100 read it. You need the program sbiload, which is included in alsa-tools.