Great for players with lots of throwing power as the Rhyno stops on a dime and stays close to the basket. Even in windy conditions, the Gator delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter drives and approach shots. The Ape is great for powerful backhand and sidearm throws as well as a variet…. The Innova Champion Rhyno is an overstable putt and approach disc that can handle headwinds. The Innova GStar TeeBird is an overstable fairway driver and one of Innova’s most accurate and reliable disc golf drivers. Adjusting the angle of release allows the Leopard3 to be an incredibly versatile fairway driver.

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This grip provides a more secure handling of the disc that really keeps the disc firmly in the palm of your hand. Versatile and dependable, it has a high degree of predictability throw after throw. Advanced players and sidea…. Hope to see you out at the Cloud 9 Disc Golf store sometime if you make it out to Nashville! Send a private message to Keller. There are limited quantities on hand and will not be reproduced when gone.

The Innova Star Rhyno is an overstable putt and approach disc that can handle headwinds. All Seattle, sometimes Montana, yo. Innova Cro – R-Pro.


Innova Sidearm Golf Discs

Innova Gator3 – Champion – Limited Edition. Innova Ape – Champion. Its a Professional Level Fairway Driver. The Innova Blizzard Champion Dominator is a fast, straight stable distance driver. The Innova Pro Destroyer is a stable to overstable distance driver.

The Innova GStar Rhyno is an overstable putt and approach disc that can handle headwinds. The Innova Pro Driver Boss is an overstable distance driver.

It is one of Innova’s most popular upwind drivers that…. It can handle lots of torque and arm speed, a disc that you can count on to never turn over even in the fierce headwinds.

Page 2 of 4. KJ will receive a substantial portion of every d…. You can download and print it. Innova Roc – Star Rancho. In my opinion a one or two finger grip, all be it harder to control, will always generate longer shots when performed correctly.

It partly depends on how hard your friend naturally throws. This was a very usefull source of information for a variety of grips. The Innova Champion Dyed Firebird is an overstable distance driver.


The Best Discs for Throwing Forehand – Innova Disc Golf

I would love to see an example of this grip displayed as well, and I greatly appreciate all the fairsay You have the opportunity to directly support Steve Brinster and his touring efforts in The Innova Sidearm or Forehand Drive Chart shows the basic forehand grips and a step by step explanation from Dave Dunipace on how to throw this basic disc golf shot.

This is a limited edition Innova foerhand Anniversary Star Boss. It is designed to handle the power and arm speed of top professional level players.

The Best Discs for Throwing Forehand

A good amount of …. The index finger lies next to the middle finger and is used to support the angle of the fakrway from the underside of the disc. For more information on these Discs or other Fairway Drivers available go to: Innova TeeBird – Champion. Innova Boss – DX.