Make sure the paper support is open and the paper guide is in the leftmost position. Change to HQ mode. Page To charge a battery pack, follow these steps: The printer will need to image fewer dots. Keep the printer clean. Take the new ink tank out of its bag. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep the BJ cartridges and ink tanks out of the reach of children.

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If the cartridge is not installed, install one. Use this cartridge when you need fast, high quality black-and-white printing. The computer will bubble-jet to calculate and transmit fewer dots.

Operator Panel Display The operator panel provides you information about the printer. Use these clear transparencies to produce crisp and professional overhead presentations.

Refer to Chapter 6, Using the Operator Panel, for details. If you can print a self test but the printer does not print or your printed output is not what you expect, the problem is with your computer, software, or cables.

Chapter 9 Customizing The Printer You will find that the factory default settings provide features to meet most of your printing needs. Buble-jet Style to access its drop-down list box. Open the front cover. Before contacting Canon, make sure you have the following information: Single sheets may not be feeding correctly.



Slide a stack of envelopes into the sheet feeder until it stops. This secures the cartridge holder in the home position. There is no firmware for the OS version you selected. Press and hold the blinking. In the feed method, select the first envelope from the left. This font, which you can access in either BJ mode or Epson LQ mode, can be printed in fixed pitch or using proportional spacing.

You can choose to install either the driver, the guide, or both. However, any settings you make with your software application override settings made with the operator panel. Replace the ink tank with a new one. It is automatically selected through the printer driver when the printer is in either BJ mode or Epson LQ mode; therefore, no adjustment is necessary for the printer to select it.

Help is available Monday through Friday from 8 a. The following sample shows the All modes pattern in BJ mode. Chapter 7 Maintaining the Printer Using Ink The print head is the cankn that projects the ink onto the paper.

Canon BJC-70 User Manual

If you need to print heavy graphics, try printing on a heavier stock. Then start your print operation again. To print envelopes in Microsoft Publisher, follow these steps: There is no software for the OS Version you selected.


The following sample shows the default printer settings in BJ mode. Make sure the paper support is open and the power is on. Align the edge of the paper with the right edge of the sheet feeder.

Repeated paper jams occur The paper you are using may be causing the jams. To print a listing of the current printer settings, follow these steps: When unplugging the AC adapter, always remove it by holding onto the adapter unit and not the cord. If you click on the same highlighted object a second time without moving the mouse, the Color Advisor colors the object’s outline and removes the color from the object itself.

Fasten the battery case to the printer canonn turning the thumbwheel to the right toward the Insert the battery pack into the battery pack compartment.