The only parts which caused problems for me were the keyboard the plug which connects it to the system is a bit confusing if you’ve never done it before and the bluetooth module not shown in that video. The viewing and color is good from even very awkward angles view large image. Unlike some laptops, one RAM module mounts on top of the other one, and both slots are accessible from the base of the laptop. So you should be golden there, as far as getting the right driver for your OS architecture. An external sound card is definitely not necessary in order to get enjoyable music or gaming out of this notebook. Vertical angles are pretty bad – going more than about 10 degrees off the center makes the colours change quite a bit.

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Compal HEL80 Review

The only flex I found was when putting more than usual pressure on the palm rests. Although the frame rate does not change, apparent performance, or how it appears to the eye, is much smoother, probably by roughly FPS.

Now just have a quick look over it and make sure that all the screws are installed and everything that can be clipped down is clipped down. The only sound detectable when the fan is on low speed is air pushing through the vent. Once installed, don’t reboot.


A lot of people have mentioned that the keyboard is very ‘bouncy’ – and they’re right, it is very flexible indeed. Report item – opens in a new window or tab. Feb 24, Messages: EXE file in the archive, no driver folders or anything, this is correct from my recollection.

Infrared IR Receiver Boards. I ran Wire,ess on it for about eight hours with no problems.

EL80 Win7 Wireless & Bluetooth Software Switch Fix | NotebookReview

The keyboard stays an even temperature in all places. The module comes with an extra bit of wire an adaptor cablebut that isn’t required – the EL80 already has a suitable cable installed. HEL80 bottom view view large image.

The advantage of having an aluminum touchpad is that it will not wear like a plastic one will. It was probably due to a faulty hardware or software installation, but I could not lose any more time trying to fix it.

Skip to main content. Source Video Stress Test Settings: I had no issues getting playable framerates. However, these drivers do not enable the audio capabilities required to use a bluetooth headset. Front View view large wirelfss.

It was a shame to return conpal because I liked the e Video quality was good, and it could easily be used in place of an external webcam. Compal make a model called the HEL80 which is then rebadged by a lot of companies.


From our fast shipping speeds to our top rated customer service our number one goal is to satisfy our customers.

EL80 Win7 Wireless & Bluetooth Software Switch Fix

I realize that nothing is perfect and I feel lucky that the biggest complaints about the HEL80 do not bother me. The issue also seems to affect other Asus laptops with the X Estimated on or before Tue.

Wirelesz hope this helps someone else. It supports the wireless A, B, and G formats, so you can be assured connectivity where ever you go. Hard Drives Storage Media. It is a Windows glitch and not a fault of the HEL There are some HEL80 owners who do not like how the cursor jumps to the scroll bar when using its scroll feature. After some initial problems figuring out how to connect the keyboard to the system because they’re packaged separately I managed to get it put together.

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