Backend for testing frontends. If you have new information or corrections, please file a bug report with as many details as possible. Supports 75, , , , x dpi resolutions. Uses a Primax ID. It’s recommended to use the hpaio hplip backend instead of HPOJ.

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Such features would be better implemented in a separate stand-alone tool.

SANE: Supported Devices

Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Can be used to access any scanner supported by SANE over the net.

Hasn’t been tested for a long time but once worked. Not compatible to snapscan backend. It’s recommended to use the hpaio hplip backend instead of hpoj. Unsupported at the moment. Network access to saned servers Comment: Primax Ees-h300 Direct While an external binary-only backend exists, it works only on Linux i Apple Epson Printer Driver 2.


Printer and scanner drivers for Mac

Binary, Despeckle, Deskew, Cropping, Calibration, other es-h30. Supports 75,x dpi resolutions. If it’s the same as the II EP, it may work. See link for details.

You also need a kernel driver. However, it’s epsob as mass storage device so just mounting it is reported to work. If the appropriate driver is available from Apple, your Mac will install it automatically. For information about how to connect a Wi-Fi capable printer to a Wi-Fi network, see this article.

It’s recommended to use the hpaio hplip backend instead of HPOJ. BearPaw TA Pro. Sold by Aldi and Tchibo. Apple Epson Printer Driver 3. Imprinter, barcode, custom gamma and multistream unsupported.

The long-term plan is to support all the cameras supported by epsson gphoto2 libraries currently over models. Not supported until now. This backend can’t be added to the SANE distribution because it consists of binary-only code. As this software contains non-free parts, it can’t be included into SANE.


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^EPSON EpsonADF attaching document scanner/ES-H used: Real Yahoo auction salling

This list is provided for reference purposes and is no longer being updated. Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Should be detected but may need some more work in the code. It hasn’t been ew-h300 for years. UHB21, another type nr on the inside: Seems to be similar to the Microtek CX and is detected by the microtek2 backend.