The sound worked and didn’t complain about not in Windows The time now is Virus Problem, Please Help. Win 7 SP1 My System. St Louis, MO Posts:

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But it’s still not showing on my Ses Manager. I remember when my system had a problem before can’t remember what it is. Maybe something will be in it? All times are GMT The time now is They didn’t change anything about my sounds problem. Parport and Serial are not in yellow exclamation marks anymore but ParVdm now is.

Thank you all for trying to help me solve my dilemma! Win Home-Premium 64bit My System. It stops at the bootscreen while the.

I’m also guessing it’s a rather old soundcard. As I’m out of ideas, I’d suggest you change it for a new one which is supplied with an XP driver. It’s not yet installed and was not detected.


The link on that link you gave me directs me to the drivermax download instead of the driver itself. You’re perfect, yes it’s true Everything’s working fine until the problem I just described above.

Am I missing something here? Anybody does know if there is a DOS driver for this card or is this card hardware compatible with another one? Following the above, I successfully finished the windows installation and installed the drivers i need except for one I’m selling some stuff!

Can’t install my driver, ess maestro-2

I keep wondering why the video driver supports Direct3D in Windows 98, but not in Windows Also what are the 4 colored jacks located at the back? Hope I find the solution there but I doubt it. Virus Problem, Please Help. St Louis, MO Posts: In order to make it skip that driver, i was told that i had to delete a file related to it. Computer powers off in sleep mode I’ll try the drivers today and post the results The sound worked and didn’t complain about not in Windows Can you provide your autoexec and config sys?


I googled for answers and i found out that it has something to do with a driver and windows refuses to install the driver that’s why it won’t continue.

ESS ES Maestro-2 Free Driver Download (Official) for Windows () – WDM_zip

Now here’s my problem, it started out when my pc won’t start up. It’s also ancient and I cannot find any working DL links for the drivers. Win 7 SP1 My System. Yes, the BIOS detects whether a sound-card is fitted and disables the onboard Realtech chip automatically.