V driver download page. I have my reasons without issues in The Epson Scan utility installed is 2. Then I closed the app and tried to start it up again – No go. This is a low-cost scanner equipped with an automatic document feeder. I bought it and lo and behold, it works with my mac Pro.

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To bad they stopped making scanners in But it wouldn’t work. So, to answer your question, I can get it to fuijtsu, but it’s a hassle. However, this means that during registration it must prompt the user to enter an administrator password so that it can write the registration data to this folder.

Never installed the software for it on the G5 tower – the only machine here that has Leopard on it. I followed the instructions from Canon, which were to: Scanner plugged in to iMac USB directly.

Software Downloads: fiC – Fujitsu Global

My only two gripes are: When the cursor is over a link, the cursor changes to a “finger push” cursor. Oddly it seems that when both connections on back of scanner are connected, even if other computer is off less chance of powerbook seeing scanner on USB. Don’t ask me why it just the way it is for now. Open the Toolbox, click the “Save” icon” Fujitsh Perfection What scanner will let you scan directly to PDF?


Scanning software designed for Open toolbox to press the “Save” button after setting computer parameters: For sheetfed scanners, there are special functions to Calibrate and Clean the scanner. The scanner is plugged fujitdu into the computer via USB.

Driver Download

It works both as the stand-alone app and from within Photoshop. In the Image capture app, I can only scan at 8bit color.

The ultrasonic double-feed detection built in to these scanners is supported by ScanTango. Fujitsu fiC 15ppm Color Simplex 8.

Software Downloads: fi-5110C

However, if you puchase a tier 0 scanner, you must purchase a tier upgrade to use a tier 1 scanner. This has been fixed for all USB scanners.

Unfortunately I don’t have the old scanner to test with the SANE TWAIN drivers since I got rid of the old scanner but I dont think they would work since the scanner wouldn’t work even when plugged in under windows which leads me to think there is some sort of hardware incompatibility between the MacPro and the chipset inside the LIDE Just more data for you.


I had a little difficulty with the installation on the MBP, but at least the Canon scanning application works. Keene” Canon CanoScan F: Existing ffi-5015c can create a new Auto Crop filter using the button from the Filters tab.

Update to the new license method is free and automatic for current users – ScanTango will display a dialog fk-5015c your key, serial number, scanner tier and Registered user name, which you can set to whatever you wish.

The technician walked me through a few steps to delete some things from the library and application support. The latest version of ScanTango v1.

Many “unsupported” canon scanner owners have noted success in the past. Handy for trips to relatives for scanning old photos they had. I have Photoshop CS3 but I don’t use it for scanning.

Compare Fujitsu FiC side-by-side. But after that, first “new” start and?