I have upgraded it but I had to downgrade back to 1. All my software runs without any problems. Games and movies benefit most, especially in dark scenes. The fan had nonsnece behavior. Reception on this machine is fine. The earphone jack is also a SPDIF optical out you can actually see a little red light glowing from it.

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I donloaded exe file with BIOS 1. And the graphics card gets overheat much more soon Games and movies benefit most, especially in dark scenes. When using the notebook at medium screen brightness without WiFi, it goes for 2h02 mins — this is with just normal Office use.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 1536 Review (pics, specs)

Benchmarks I ran all benchmarks multiple times to ensure consistency. For about the same price one can purchase a similarly specced notebook with a 2GHz single-core Centrino processor. The hinges of the screen feel well built with just the right amount of stiffness when closing and opening.

The included bundle of software includes: However, with these glossy type screens you will not want to run your screen at the lowest brightness, the reflections just become too distracting.

This is one area pk Fujitsu normally shines — and well it does here as well. It will probably improve when the drivers do come out — once again I pay for wanting the latest graphics card range. It can be used on your lap, but this machine is not exactly a X series ThinkPad.


Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi Review (pics, specs)

No updates available for your product. The biggest drainage on battery life comes from the screen and WiFi.

Specs for Amilo Pi as Purchased: It is not uncomfortable, as long as the fan underneath can get some air. The body of the machine is built from hard plastic, but not cheap feeling. This is nice for when you have ip mouse plugged in at your desk and you have a lot of typing to do.

The wrist pads get a little warm when plugged in, but nothing to worry about. First up we have pu SuperPi application, set to calculate Pi to the 2 millionth digit. But also, I have never seen a Fujitsu with a dead or lazy pixel. While it is not perfect I hate the plastic silver look its performance is great. I have not had any problems using the wireless features. This does not quite make sense and I blame ATI. Two days ago while I was copying a cd using my Amilo Pi I heared a click and the notebook shuts down.

I also wanted a dedicated graphics card because I could not really put faith in the Intel GMA graphics chipset — after all, I want to run Windows Vista with the Aero interface when it comes out in All the status lights are in a neat row below the hinge of the monitor — and they are all nice looking fjuitsu with the light shining through them. Design and Build view large image The body of the machine is built from hard plastic, but not cheap feeling.


This had happened a lot li times the sudden shut down but this time I had to make a clean Windows Fujitxu Installation because it wouldn’t start up again. I have upgraded it but I had to downgrade back fujjtsu 1.

I would like to eventually upgrade it to a rpm model though, just to keep up with the processor. For more information please click here http: I wish more notebook manufacturers will stick with this feature.

I sleep with it every night quite close to my head so I am very happy. The included bundle of software includes:. It’s not like everything was OK first, and went broken later on after the warranty period or something.

It takes a while to get the settings right with the ATI catalyst software, but now it works just great.