The number of seconds to wait between spinups of devices attached to this adapter. Until arrays are healthy again a reminder will be sent each 2 hours. Then reboot the system to clear memory. The counts stop when they reach their maximum value. This item specifies queue-tag control to higher-level device drivers.

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You need to make sure SCSI generic device driver is loaded and will be loaded at boot. The Device Properties screen provides viewing and updating of individual device settings for an adapter. This item can be used to ignore a device and to decrease boot time by disabling the inquiry of unused SCSI identifiers. Even it’s not full rusion features theses card appear scis work fine and are supported by an opensource Linux driver.

Follow these steps to create a RAID 1 volume on an adapter that does not currently have a volume configured. The default value is 2 seconds, with options between 1 and 10 seconds. Specifies whether to enable an adapter mmpt the next boot.

Only one active hotspare is allowed for all volumes. It also provides access to all other screens. When the first disk is added, the utility will prompt you to keep existing data or overwrite existing data.



The array is made up of the maximum number of disks three. However, scai removed, the disk drives must first be labelled to sci sure that they are placed back in the same disk bays from which they scai removed when reinstalled. The following items describe the RAID volumes supported for these servers:. A maximum of six disks can be selected; five is the maximum if a hot spare has been selected. Function range 0 – 7 Bits For example, there is no way to disable an adapter in a Windows driver.

Changing this item will affect disk letter assignment s if more than one device is attached to an adapter. The target capabilities for this device. Yes, No, All, nonE, Cancel.

Alternate CHS Mapping utilizes an alternate, possibly less efficient, mapping that may be required if a device is moved between adapters from different vendors.

Chapter 4. Message-based devices

Caution – If you reboot the system without properly exiting from this utility, some changes may not take effect. Currently, the BIOS does not use queue tags. Press Enter, type in a value and then press Enter again to specify a new timeout value. Items with values in [ ] brackets are modifiable. Defines how the Cylinder Head Sector values are mapped onto a disk without pre-existing partition information.


This can increase reliability by combining multiple disks into one logical volume. After the volume is configured, press C to create the array.

Up, down, left, right movement to position the cursor. Provides static information text, which is typically the product title and version.

This type has two members not including hot spare ; for this type, select Keep Data F3. To mph detailed information, specify Verbose mode.

Otherwise, the old partitioning data will be reused. When part of an array, this option shows the size used for the array. Note – When activating two arrays typically after a motherboard replacement the status hostt the second array is shown as “degraded” according to the LSI BIOS as it waits to sync.

However, the adapter will still be visible through the Configuration Protocol.