The front of the unit does not have any connectors or ports other than the two speakers to the left and right of the unit. GPS is optionally available as well. The keyboard backlight is an option, and one that we recommend. A redesign that’s almost on the nose A redesign that’s almost on the nose by Dan Ackerman. The S was developed specifically for utilities, public safety, field service and military applications. The next picture shows the two machines in open space and broad daylight.

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Copying a large file wirelessly this way increased draw to about 29 watts. The S is a full-size, full-featured laptop specifically designed for use in a variety of field applications that require more toughness and durability than consumer products can provide, but not the higher weight and cost of fully ruggedized getwc. The S measures The largest one had connectors for the hard disk, as well as two USB 2.

The high scorers usually have discrete graphics in addition to the graphics integrated into the CPU or chipset. Getac came up with a handy solution with a special button above the keyboard.

There is currently much debate about backlight strength. The hinged protective port covers are screwed onto the body of the S via two Philips screws each, making replacements very easy should they break. The most noticeable part of the motherboard is its copper thermal management system.

The S comes with plastic inserts for when the two card slots are not in use. The S comes with a plastic insert for when the ExpressCard card slots is not in use. Below are the two machines in broad daylight in partial shade, and d400 from an angle.


Getac | S – Semi Rugged Notebook

What’s interesting here is that the S we tested in used over 31 watts when running HD video, and also used more gtac at Windows Full Power settings. Getac G-Panel The new S comes with an updated version of the Getac G-Panel that combines a number of special utilities and helper apps that make using the unit quicker and simpler than going to the standard Windows control panels, which can be a cumbersome process. That’s much easier with a button than via menus or function keys both of which are also available in the S The currently most popular way of making a notebook screen readable outdoors combines various optical treatments to control internal reflection with a strong backlight.

It also shows the current power consumption. Below you can see the unit from the top and all four sides: Bottom line The Getac S gftac undoubtedly be seen as one the primary and most competent contenders in the semi- rugged notebook market.

The island style independent keys provide gettac premium feel and increased durability while a red backlight allows you to type in the dimmest conditions without silhouetting yourself. Turning backlight up to its very bright maximum increased power draw to about In order to get a sense of how the S performs compared to other Getac models and some competing products, we installed Passmark Software’s PerformanceTest 6.

Complete ID Card Systems. Being able to work in any environment is critical, even freezing cold conditions. You can’t see the charge meter when the battery is installed in the unit, but it comes in handy when you carry spare batteries around.


Technical Details

Do note, however, that boosting the backlight to its highest setting greatly increases power draw, so users should keep an eye on that. Nothing says quality like a manufacturer standing behind their product. ECO displays and controls power savings settings. While fetac described it as glossy above, its reflections are actually more muted than those of most consumer laptops and tablets.

Again the high-gloss surface of the Gateway screen renders it unreadable due to reflections whereas the S’s matte display becomes more muted, but has no reflection issues. Overall, the Getac S is an excellent value that offers very good performance, long battery life, great connectivity, and enough ruggedness for many tasks in an elegant package that fits right into Getac’s lineup of tough and rugged machines.

Over all this, don’t forget physical security and get a Kensington locking cable to use with the Kensington slot on the backside of the unit. Do keep in mind, though, that power settings do affect clock speed. Made to please creative pros Debuting just ahead of CESthe updated two-in-one gets a premium redesign and improved pen functionality.

Note that Getac also offers an optional light-weight battery with lower capacity 5,mAH.

The pictures to the right, demonstrated on a Getac V, show how it works. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.