Nice find buddy…Thankx for the link, definitely a worthwhile posts…. But I have seen advertisements about QuickHeal, they have an anti virus software that scans your phone…. The others were something like: I am sorry to hear your phone is doing that. I suppose its good enough to make use of a few of your concepts!! Either a wireless router you have or you need to be at a wifi hotspot….

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Hope you guys like the list, do add any other software you know about in the comments.

HTC Touch P Smartphones GPS Navigation Software

Newer Post Older Post Home. Hmm pocket e-sword is an app, you dont need another to run with it. I require software, like full screen caller photo, games, and also please let me know can my bluetooth headset noki bh be used as A2dp I m using HTC Touch p Hi alfred i dont know if you still check the blogs or not but i need a software by which i can back up my emails contact and sms on my storage card and i need a cab file so i can directly donload it on my touch please …Thanks in advence …u have my email so can get back to me ….

Dont knw why Yahoo didnt work for u… Peekpocket finds wireless networks wifi You can then connect to the network to use the internet. Found your 25 free software for HTC very useful but tried installing Yahoo!


All you need is internet connectivity and this outstanding GPS navigation software will start working for you. It ssoftware a paid software. Please help me out. The OS in my phone is Win Mobile 6. I have heard about external GPS devices that can connect to the phone… Just do a search for it on http: Task Manager — The Task manager application is a bunch of several useful tools in just one tool.

KeePass — Store account names, passwords, credit card numbers, etc safely on your phone.

Softwares for htc p3450 Free Download

Thats the easiest way. Posted by nikunj gandhi at Chances are you will find connections at coffee shops, etc. I found mine here: When i tried to check the contacts list… they were all gone. Rotating the screen to a landscape position is perfect for taking high colour photos softwate the 2 Megapixel camera.

25 free softwares for HTC Touch or any Windows Mobile phone

If that is the case u should be able to sync the windows contacts with the HTC and get your contacts imported to the new phone. The touch does not have GPS capability built in… If its maps you are looking for I am sorry only tried google maps on my phone. I want to download the keyboard.


What will I do to translate it in English. Luckily I had a backup on my other phone. I will only advice you to increase no of software. I want to change the language french to english and i cannot view the drive on my computer when connecting to a PC. If yes where in my phone would i find that?

Having trouble watching youtube or web based video, any suggestions as to the best way to do so. Personally I have used the unlock program for my Touch which was locked to Airtel softwafe. The Instant Route feature takes the guesswork out of planning a route by allowing you to input the starting point and end point of any route and immediately receive detailed turn-by-turn navigation. Regarding the memory problem, it really pisses me off too.

My HTC touch detects the connection and also connects to it.

I am still using the 1GB card that came with the phone. I dont know about any software other than ActiveSync.

Is there one for free download?