It is an open secret that the P used to be the etalon for many manufacturers, and nearly each and every player in the Windows Mobile market released a rival to it. Perched on the top of the left-hand side is the volume rocker, which is mounted flush with the casing, which makes it hard to tap by feel. The stylus coming with the P is non-extendable, although it is not a big deal —tiny length is offset by its convenient thickness. The fact is, they are too thin, and on top of that are placed between other buttons, so you are likely to touch the keys around them, like Start or OK. Perched next to this slot is the microphone. The P comes equipped with a touch-sensitive 2.

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Yet again, those who want to get maximum usability and value for their money, will find puaros HTC P, largely thanks to its software add-ons, a better way to go.

In terms of functionality, this communicator is as close to the P as it gets, but it also comes with 64 Mb RAM and a number bad. Design- and ergonomics-wise, these two are pretty much in one league — Glofiish benefits from offering two color schemes, while HTC offers better materials.

Review of Windows Mobile 6. Hence nobody guarantees these applications will launch and operate properly.

HTC Pharos (P3470)

HTC Home add-on in action 5,46 mb, avi. Voice recorder — the most basic application for recording voice clips; doubles as a player for playing back the recordings you made, all sound clips can be set as call alerts. Also using this app you can record all incoming and pharoa calls records both ends.

In all other cases, however, the P is the best communicator you can get to finally make your P retire.


So if it gets proper distribution and press, the A may well become a l3470 alternative to the P, although with some reservations. And much like other menus, all icons here are big enough to make navigating them with fingers a snap. It is called up with one tap and removed from the display in a similar fashion.

In this sense, the P is a thorough overhaul of the P, despite not breaking the succession line design-wise. All in all, it should appeal to those looking for a more feature phone-esque communicator. The loudspeaker is slightly above average volume-wise, meaning that it is likely to get to you while on a busy street.

Being a follow up to the HTC P, the Pbaros was designed with the mass market in mind looks, materials, usability.

HTC Pharos – XDA-Developers

Apart from that, the P allows its user to view pictures as a slideshow, send a selected image via mail or MMS. Perched next to this slot is the microphone.

We found it was better to press it with the tip of the stylus. Thanks to the dent in it, this button is easy to handle, though you have to feel it yourself — off the top of my head, only the Pharis Wheel in iPods delivers a similar tactile feel.

As far as software goes, much like in pjaros case of Mio, the P is unrivalled, being miles easier to master and make use of thanks to the improvements made to the default UI of the operating system.

Topping the display on the front plate is the earpiece covered by a grill, recessed into the casing, and flanked by two LEDs.

But in terms of materials and wow-effect, it is still far behind the P While most controls are laid out in a traditional fashion except for the navigation cluster found under the displaysome elements have been moved to other places in the P, as compared to other HTC-branded solutions. Pjaros streamlined shape of the P feels good in the hand, with both ends and spines smoothly flowing into the back cover, just like in the more entry-level HTC P And what about a successor to the P?


Anyway, HTC has been employing this matrix only in the most unsophisticated models so far.

HTC P (HTC Pharos) specification –

Much like its elder brother, the application never seems to be in a hurry. All constituents and features of the TouchFLO technology, including the three-facet UI, are enabled in the HTC P scrolling in lists, phonebook etcmaking it so much more appealing that the P; in fact, it is one of the key items in its change log.

The P ships with Mb RAM, out of which around Mb is available for applications and OS needs, though the system files occupy around a third of this volume, so you are down to roughly Mb — this should be enough to allow for ten and more applications to run simultaneously on the P The communicator comes preinstalled with the QuickGPS utility for updating satellite data once in two days. We have put the P though its paces with the help of the benchmarks built into Core Player.

Hard Reset HTC P3470 (HTC Pharos)

But if go deeper into their respective places on the market and price tags, the big picture will get a little bit different. The navigation cluster is lit in reasonably bright white; neither the wheel nor the center button is backlit, though. Audio Manager — application similar to the standard Media Player. The same holds true for the camera lens that has no cover and thus attracts dirt and mud.