Here’s a slight surprise. The Pentium 4 was born from the need to replace the ageing Pentium 3 architecture, one that was quickly coming to the end of its scalability at 1Ghz. Update it if necessary. It must be noted that the P4’s lead over the Athlon XP is largely immaterial, I’d challenge anyone to discern the difference between and FPS respectively. Join our site today to ask your question.

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We placed it on a DDR motherboard, raised the voltage to 1. Pentium 4 Northwood 2. It seems like only yesterday when the new 0.

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We ran the benchmark a number of times and came up with very similar results each time. ElvandilAug 27, I am sure either of the senior responders will tell you how to access one, as well as any other tests of the computer that may be warranted. Motherboard chipset is Intel Tehama iE. Let’s now turn out attention to a game that has been grabbing our attention of late, Serious Sam 2, The Second Encounter. All transfer modes should be on “DMA if available”.

This was tempered by the prior knowledge that the P4 has historically been relatively poor at 3DMarkindeed, only since the inception of the cache-enhanced Northwood P4, have we seen it get close to the scores posted by AMD’s XP processors.


The margin is literally negligible but consistent. My service tag number is 80XJQ I’m also convinced I should have more memory, and I’m thinking about having a local technician put on his stethoscope and give my baby a good once over. Then, i85e0 an image of your disk after installation and periodically afterward so that it can be restored to that state later, even when your hard drive fails.

We’re adamant that extra voltage, coupled with better cooling, would have seen us stable at the magical 3GHz barrier. It must be noted that the P4’s lead over the Athlon XP is largely immaterial, I’d challenge anyone to discern the difference between and FPS respectively.

Another month passes and we hear another announcement from Intel with respect to their Pentium 4 processors. Let’s still doing some maintenance on that computer ijtel then go from there.

I’m still amazed at how helpful and knowledgeable forum posters are — and without getting paid for your expertise, either.

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Can we whole-heartedly recommend the Pentium 4 2. The debilitating effects of a deep pipeline are negated by sheer MHz. We know that many of you are keen to ‘rip’ your personal CD collection onto your hard drive to listen to in MP3 format. The greater memory bandwidth of the P4 is put to practical use here, the kb of on-board L2 cache ensures that the available bandwidth is translated into tangible performance by the CPU.


Conclusion The Pentium 4 2. This computer is used for offline game playing mainly Solitaire and Mahjongggraphic work that any sane person would do only on a Macintosh, and internet research that involves high risk surfing.

The last chipset we have to discuss from Intel is the Brookdale chipset. For lntel please access HTTP: Click Advanced Settings tab. Will let you know how it goes later today, or, if I can’t work it in yet today, I’ll be in touch tomorrow.

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This should show us how well each subsystem is able to service the graphics card. For the sake of brevity, we’ll refer to our overclocked 2. For those of you who don’t yet know, Pifast calculates the constant Pi to I8850e million decimal places using the fastest method possible. It’s all junk and is a good place for “nasties” to hide.

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